Our Mission

Each cancer is a unique disease and so is each patient. We believe that improving outcomes requires a dramatically different approach with patients’ biology at the center.

We’ve developed a Patient Micro Avatar (PMA) technology that replicates patients’ disease ex-vivo by focusing on a cellular approach that emulates key features of the tumor microenvironment. This allows us to rapidly screen dozens of treatments in a high-throughput setting and obtain actionable insights within seven days.

Functional assays to unlock
unique biological insights.

Functional assays to unlock unique biological insights.

Our Patient Micro Avatar (PMA) Technology

Patient Micro Avatars (PMAs)

Exposure to a matrix of drugs and drug combinations

(Standard of Care + Label Expansion Candidates + Clinical Trial Drugs of interest)

Analysis of drug response patterns

High-throughput flow cytometry

Machine learning models to track response across cell populations

Drug Activity and Resistance Test (DART) Report

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